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AI Driven Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring

Monitors Availability & Response Time Metrics

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A Brand New Monitoring Layer

A brand new monitoring layer to help you ensure the availability and response time of your application round-the-clock and from around-the-world.

Why PerfAgents?

PerfAgents offers several advantages over traditional synthetic monitoring solutions. We simplify synthetic monitoring by leveraging your existing web automation scripts and AI-powered creation. This reduces setup time and costs while enabling continuous testing for reliable application performance.

  • No Custom Recorder Required
  • AI Powered Script Creation
  • Continuous Testing

Monitoring Made Easy for

Supports Multiple Frameworks

Use open-source frameworks instead of a custom recorder to create and execute synthetic monitoring scripts.

Seamless Integration

Get real-time alerts and notifications via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, PagerDuty, and more.

Run Measure Repeat

Seamlessly integrate your scripts from GitHub, upload your existing ones, or effortlessly craft new scripts within the PerfAgents IDE.

Forensic Analysis

Get detailed insights into the performance of your application with our forensic analysis feature.

Worldwide Locations

Monitor your application from multiple locations around the world to ensure optimal performance.

Secure and Reliable

Ensure the security and reliability of your application with our advanced synthetic monitoring platform.

Setups using Natural Language

Monitoring scripts can be created using plain English language. No custom recorders needed. And auto generated scripts can be in your favorite open source framework.

Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime in half by setting up monitoring in lower environments as well using PerfAgents.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is the key to success. PerfAgents is an infrastructure to run your custom test cases and regression tests continuously as synthetic monitoring.

Not just for DevOps, PerfAgents is also for

Setup Synthetic Monitoring

Import your existing regression suites to establish synthetic monitoring, ensuring continuous performance validation of your applications.

Mimic User Actions in Production

Write predefined test cases, simulate user actions with specific scenarios, and monitor in production to ensure consistent functionality.

Continuous Testing in CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate continuous testing by invoking the PerfAgents monitoring process within your CI/CD pipeline for seamless performance checks.

CROs: Don't Leave Revenue on the Table
– Use PerfAgents

CROs should understand why PerfAgents should be used in every organization that are in growth stage.
Ditch outdated tools, double your growth, and save money with PerfAgents.
Tired of manual testing and expensive monitoring? PerfAgents is your all-in-one AI-powered solution.

Automatically Create Test Scripts

Save time and resources by automating the creation of test scripts, reducing manual effort testing and increase efficiency.

Monitor Continuously

Catch issues before users do by implementing continuous monitoring, ensuring early detection and resolution of problems.

Focus on Key User Flows

Measure key user flows for maximum revenue, prioritizing critical paths to enhance user experience and business outcomes.

Streamline QA and DevOps

Reduce headcount by streamlining QA and DevOps teams, optimizing processes and improving overall productivity in your organization.

PerfAgents: Built for 2024, not 2014.
Grow faster, spend less, and make your CFO happy.

Versatile Framework Support

PerfAgents is an advanced synthetic monitoring platform that empowers you to execute tests written in your preferred open-source framework. With PerfAgents, you gain access to seamless support for a variety of popular open-source frameworks, including Selenium, Puppeteer, Cypress, and Playwright.


Run Measure Repeat

Integrate your scripts from GitHub, upload your existing ones, or easily write new scripts within the PerfAgents IDE. Enhance your monitoring experience by configuring personalized alerts and activating notifications, ensuring prompt awareness in the event of any breach in SLAs.

Seamless Integration

Stay ahead with instantaneous real-time alerts and notifications via our advanced monitoring solution. Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, PagerDuty, and more. Stay well-informed and respond promptly to critical situations with our robust and comprehensive integration capabilities.

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Democratizing Synthetic Monitoring

PerfAgents is revolutionizing synthetic monitoring by eliminating the need for custom recording tools, enabling users to utilize their existing scripts seamlessly. Our flexible pricing model, based on executions or monitoring runs, ensures cost-effectiveness tailored to your specific needs. With a global infrastructure and compatibility with popular open-source automation tools like Playwright, Selenium, Puppeteer, and Cypress, PerfAgents simplifies the setup and management of synthetic monitoring. Trust us to enhance the performance and reliability of your digital applications effortlessly.

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